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Your Trailer Needs Regular Servicing just like the vehicle that is towing it. Book Your Trailer in today

Tow Confidently With Our Comprehensive Service Checklist We use on all Trailers

You'll feel safe and sound knowing we use only high quality parts from recognised brands, all installed by  experienced, licensed and insured professionals

1/ Grease and lubricate all moving components including jockey wheel, locks, coupling, drawer slides

2/ Check and tighten suspension where necessary using correct torque settings according to each area

3/ Remove brake drums, inspect for wear or damage then blow out brake dust from drums and backing plates

4/ Inspect wheel bearings for wear or damage and re-grease if in good condition then refit with new split pins

5/ Adjust Brakes and rotate wheels diagonally, check wheel nuts for correct torque

6/ Check all tyres for correct inflation levels (40Psi) and adjust handbrake or hydraulic levels if applicable

7/ Check all on board electricals are working correctly including lights and any accessories.

8/ Adjust and tighten all door locks, Check actuators and any drawer locks

9/ Check wiring lume and plug for damage. Re gap trailer plug pins with a blade

10/ Road test the trailer and confirm the brakes are working correctly

  Service Checklist For All Trailers

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