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Custom kitchen's


This page is new!! And is currently under construction so please keep an eye out for some new content!!

Custom Kitchens - We have several options to add a layout to suit your needs, above are three examples from some of our favorite builds. We can supply and install  Fridges, Microwaves, pie warmers, ovens, cutlery drawers, serving tables and the most requested is our coffee machines fitted on a custom pull out slide!

This is also a great spot for all your battery monitoring, inverter controls, switch panels with a handy spot to charge your phone with the inbuilt USB charge points.

These kitchens are priced based on appliances and location in the trailer.

Custom Made Drawers & storage Solutions


Yes we can add dividers!!


Custom Drawers -  "The Sky is the limit" That's right, the list is endless on what we can do with our custom drawers, we have done all shapes and sizes. You can see from the pictures, no trailer is built the same. This is one of the many bonuses with us being 100% Aussie Made, we can build them to what ever size you require, add dividers, rubber, hooks, extra handles you name it we can find a solution for you.

Wurth 8.4.1 storage cabinets are another pre fitted drawer system we offer, we can source many other styles on request.

These drawers are priced based on size, rubber package and location in the trailer.

Custom Slides - Similar to our drawers we can fabricate slides for just about anything! Here as some examples, already have a 4x4 style fridge? bring it in and we can install it on a slide, large vacuums, generators, air compressors, multiple drop saws even our coffee machines can be fitted to a slide.

Tables - pull out work spaces, serving tables even if its just somewhere to put your lunch after it comes hot out of the microwave, we can add these between drawers throughout the trailer including the compressor box.

These slides are priced based on size, rubber package and location in the trailer.


Custom Made Add-ons And Restraint Systems


Lock N Load retractable straps with mounting brackets are available in 25mm or 50mm strap widths. These can be pre-fitted directly to any of our roof racks. 


Adjustable  Captive track with ring clips are a great versatile load restraint system. It can be adjusted to safely strap down any size load you may want to carry. These Rings come with a decent rating at 600kg lashing capacity.

48 Tools - Battery storage systems


48 Tools Battery storage - Most tradie's have a mix of battery operated power tools so its lucky the guys at 48 tools cover most of the latest manufactures such as; Dewalt, Milwawaukee, Makita, Bosh, Hikoki, Matabo, Festool, AEG, Rigid just to name a few.

We can fit these 4 birth holders just about anywhere, we can also use the stainless steel 48 tools bracket, this allows you to mount 2 holders back to back, as always we go a step further by adding colour coded led backlighting... 

Straight edge storage & Track Saw slide Storage


Straight edge storage & Track Saw storage - 

We have designed our straight edge / drop saw storage system's to utilize unused space behind the number plate! We are committed to maximizing  the overall functionality of our trailers to the point of calling this a game changer. 

With this system we provide brand new aluminum straight edges pre cut to your desired length from 1.8m all the way up to 3.6m. 

With a number of combinations available (see pictures above) we can do a maximum of 4 with roller rocker suspension, a maximum of 6 for independent including a mix of 1 track saw slide compartment.

These compartments can be customized to suit straight edges, track saw slides or levels.

We also have another handy spot inside the trailer between the main rear drawers. The list can go on really, they can be put just about anywhere, this is just 2 areas we have found that work really well.

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