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Welcome to the SMU Custom Trailer Page where you will find information on our different models and how we can turn your ideas into a real life working tool of your trade. Let's Go........

Before we get started, I might have forgot to mention that we are bloody proudly Aussie made. Why not stop in for a tour of our workshop, we'd be only to happy too show you how we build trailers from the ground up.

Ask the competition if they could do the same, better have your passports ready for your trip to China.


The Original SMU Classic.

Practical design that has stood the test of time

Renegade Utility

Best of both worlds that has so many uses including camping

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Our best seller for a reason. These trailers are beasts

Bandit Stealth

No Way, who would have thought the Bandit could go to another level

Design through to Handover and beyond. We got you

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