Welcome to our new web page we are dedicating to our good friends at ACM Coatings & Splashbacks who will be able to spray our entire range in quality 2 pac paint.

ACM Coatings is owned and operated by Shannon Murphy who has notched up 30 years of experience in the spray painting industry. ACM are setup to spray a wide range of materials including glass for custom splashbacks.

If you decide to have your new trailer sprayed in 2 pac the guy's will first solvent wash the trailer down,
orbital sand the entire surface and then undercoat it using mirotone primer. They then seal up all joints using Polyurethane sealer. Then your trailer will be sprayed with 2 coats of base coat and then finally 2 coats of clear coat.

The finish the guy's get is awesome and would rival most car's paint jobs.

You are able to come in and choose from 100's of colors or you may decide to supply us with your cars paint code for a beautiful car / trailer color combo.

Prices will vary depending on trailer size and paint selected. Average cost over the last month has been
between $600 and $1800

FORD XR6 Sensation